is available for recording the quickest of demo recordings to full cd releases. We have a full Protools set up with quality mics and ample studio amps as well as vdrum and acoustic drum kits. If your looking for your first recording or your next CD give us a call. Our engineers have years of professional experience in the music business and are available to help record, co-write and produce your music projects. 

Some of our latest clients/projects in 2019 have included Barlow, Jim Italiano Band , Hello Harvard, Sonny Boy Mick, and our some or session players have played with the likes of Tim Hicks, Johnny Reid, Glass Tiger,  Alan Frew, The Spoons, Big Wreck to name a few.

Our recordings have been used in television, radio, as well as movies throughout North America.

For rates give us a call @ 905 639 1097 or email us at  melodymanburlington@gmail.com